Should we have a dev channel?

Hi folks,

Having worked on the site software between November 2012 to July 2013, I would like to follow news of current and up comming changes to Sutta Central’s code. This is public domain and available on github but perhaps this is a more public place and may help attract new developers.

What do you think?


Hey JR,

Love the avatar.

So far we use meta or meta/updates. But I think you’re right, a more dedicated /dev category would be good. Is there any reason why such a channel would need to be private? I’m thinking that open is best, unless there is a strong reason otherwise. Perhaps @blake has some inputs here.

Hehe, the avatar is part of a painting by a family friend we just stayed with. It was hanging in my bedroom. She gave me permission to use it.

As for privacy/security, whatever relates to our already public code should be no problem. Future features likewise

well, then, here goes….