Silly question: Where do I save my settings on SuttaCentral?

A long time ago I must have ticked a box somewhere on SuttaCentral saying “Remember my settings”, or something similar. I have a memory to that effect. So even if i make changes to my settings they are nicely stored somewhere.

But weak as memory is, I don’t remember where that tick box is. I can’t find it. A friend asked me how to save their settings, and I can’t tell them … :woman_shrugging:

Any help?

Dear Ven. @sabbamitta,

Do you mean the preferences?

These are available when clicking on the person icon

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No I don’t mean D&D. I mean SuttaCentral, settings like language, view, etc. This friend says they have to set them again each time they visit the site. I don’t have to, but I don’t remember how I did this.

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Thanks for the clarification. Then I’m not sure, sorry: I notice as well that, when I’m logged in, the settings are automatically saved (I just tested).

What do you mean with “logged in” on SuttaCentral?

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I mean, logged into SuttaCentral D&D (the forum).
My guess is that the SuttaCentral settings need to be saved somewhere, so either cookies, or in the D&D profile.

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Well, I am not talking of D&D …

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When translating the “interface” file for SC I translated strings like “Remember settings”, “Select this to remember these settings next time you visit SuttaCentral”, and “The settings you chose will be remembered next time you visit SuttaCentral”, etc. And I remember having ticked that at some point. But now I can’t find it anywhere on the site.

It may have been on the “views” panel, perhaps; but not sure. It seems to have disappeared.

Probably we have to ask the master: Bhante @sujato?

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