Similes for sensual pleasures

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Can anyone point to any commentary translated into English on the similes for sensual pleasure found at MN 22 and MN 54? MN 22 has 10 similes and MN 54 has the first 7/10 of those similes.

I was able to find some commentary from Hellmuth Hecker in his book Similes of the Buddha. Any others?


Try this link.
With Metta

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This is from Piya Tan’s ( ever-helpful sutta guides.


From Ven. Bodhi’s MN translation, note 281:

MA: Beings desiring sensual enjoyments are chopped up by the butcher’s knife of sensual desires upon the block of sense objects.

And his translation of part of SN 5.1 featuring a bhikkhuni responding to Mara:

“Sensual pleasures are like swords and stakes (Sattisūlūpamā kāmā);
The aggregates like their chopping block
What you call sensual delight
Has become for me nondelight.”