Simply This Moment

Simply This Moment is a book of 20 edited talks primarily given to monks at Bodhinyana by Ajahn Brahm around the beginning of the millennium.

I’ve given the old book a bit of a face-lift and this new version is now available to download in pdf, epub and kindle formats as well as to read on-line. These versions also have links to SuttaCentral for the referenced suttas.

The talks are packed with great advice and inspiration for meditators and I’ve had a lovely time engaging with it over the past few months. It should’ve taken a few weeks, but the text was just too damn good at pushing me to the cushion instead!

It is online here:

Or you can go to the Wisdom & Wonders Book Downloads page.

As always, please message @stu with any typo’s, errors or omissions in references, etc…


I love the site @stu :clap:t4::bouquet::heart_eyes:

I usually get headaches after reading on screens so I actually ordered a copy of that book from the BSWA, yes it’s a gift for the heart and mind :cherry_blossom::pray:t4:


Very kind of you to say so. There are many hands involved