Sinhala language option

There is a issue in Sinhala language sutras in the search facility.
When searching using a keyword, It only displays the first page of search results. cannot continue to other pages. Kindly fix this error

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Thanks for the feedback, I can confirm this is an error. In fact it seems to apply to all non-English or Pali searches. @blake, I believe this has been on the bug list for some time …

Thank you so much for providing this site. It is very helpful. I don’t think there are any other sites that can search tripitaka using a keyword. This site helped me immensely to improve my dhamma knowledge.

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When we know it is really helping, that makes it all worthwhile! :relieved:

Okay I’m on it.

This issue is now fixed primarily, but there is something funny going on with the caching layers which can cause old results to be delivered. But it should work for “fresh” queries which haven’t been seen before.

I can confirm that this is fixed for sanskrit. :anjal:

One remaining issue, though, is that the language selection always reverts to the default after a search. If you choose a different language, it should stay with that until you choose otherwise.

Okay, that’s fixed now too.

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are you referring to this site < > It can search words within suttas in Sinhala.