Sinhala Mahāniddesa uploaded

I’ve uploaded the Sinhala translation of the Mahāniddesa to SuttaCentral. This is the first translation into a modern language we have of this text. With special thanks to Janaka from and to Ayya Kathrin @vimalanyani for preparing the texts.


Hi Ayya,

I’m just curious to know where this fits into the Pali Canon. I have little/no Singhala but I’d like to be able to recommend it and have some idea of what I’m recommending. :slight_smile:

Many thanks, great appreciation of all you do. :anjal:

There’s a reason so few translations exist! This is a canonical commentary in Abhidhamma style on part of the Sutta Nipata. It is of interest to serious students of the Sutta Nipata, but is not really suited for general readers.


Yes, and that is … it is the kama sutra!

with metta :joy: