Site question today

Hello. Up til today, I was able to read the suttas in English, side by side with Pali. This morning the Pali disappeared and there is no gear symbol for me to ask for it. How to I return to side by side English/Pali suttas? Thank you.


Hello Sanghamitta, welcome to the forum!

For me it’s still all normal with the side-by-side view. What operating system and browser are you using? And which sutta by which translator are you trying to read?

Side-by-side view isn’t available for all translations, only for those that have been segmented according to the Pali text, i.e. basically, those by Bhante Sujato. For others it’s technically not possible.


Hello Sabbamitta. Thankyou for coming to my rescue. Yesterday when I went to sutta central, the side by side Pali/English was back! Intermittent computer issues are a real mystery to me.

In answer to your question I use Safari.
So, I’m good for now.

I was reading the SN, the Anapanasamyutta, the ones where the Buddha says how Anapanasati fulfills the 4 Satipatthanas. I was veryi terested in this as the 4th twyrad of Ananpana doesn’t seem to match the 4th satipatthana. I’m curious to find out what word the Buddha used for Dhamma categories…haven’t had a chance to do that yet, so it’s still an unsolved mystery…but now that the Pali is back, I’ll be able to get my answer.

Best wishes to you on the Path.

I’m very excited as my home in Canmore, Alberta, Canada is becoming a monastery on June 1st. Ajahn Subharo is arriving from Malaysia. He is a Canadian monk, trained by Ajahn Sona at Birken Forest Monastery in British Columbia. I have two kutis on the property, so space for a visiting monastic as well. Prep for Ajahn’s arrival is why I haven’t gotten around to solving my Dhamma mystery. Much metta, Upasika Sanghamitta