' skilled ...in the minds of others, and in the ways of another’s mind. ' (AN 10.84)

Could someone explain to me what is meant by ‘paracittakusalo paracittapariyāyakusalo’? What is it and what is the difference between them?


This ability is possessed by contemplatives at a higher stage, and becomes the guiding force for the practitioner who has progressed beyond the stage of self as governance, who is able to be aware of them. It is a extension of the requirement under the third foundation of mindfulness:

" And in the great community of this cosmos there are brahmans & contemplatives endowed with psychic power, clairvoyant, skilled [in reading] the minds of others. They can see even from afar. Even up close, they are invisible. With their awareness they know the minds of others. They would know this of me: “Look, my friends, at this clansman who — though he has in good faith gone forth from the home life into homelessness — remains overcome with evil, unskillful mental qualities.”

—Anguttara Nikaya 3.40

Speaking about physic powers is restricted, so this cannot be discussed beyond what is stated.

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I believe it means that they (the arahants) are able to essentially ‘read’ (or encompass) other people’s minds and are in a way ‘familiar’ with another’s mind state, whatever that mind state happens to be. That’s my understanding anyway.

I’m sure Bhante Sujato can probably give you a more nuanced explanation since he translated this sutta.