Slavic Buddhism vs Western Buddhism



I wouldn’t say I’m looking for anger. I’d say I’m looking for specificity.


At the risk of feeding the trolls, I wonder if a simple observation could be made and then just let this discussion fade away. Several polls cited by users in this forum show that on political and social matters, American Buddhists align most closely with other so-called “liberal” (in the U.S. political vernacular) religious traditions such as Unitarian Universalism and Reform Judaism. The alignment of Buddhists in other Western countries (e.g., Western European countries) with other “liberal” (again, in the U.S. political vernacular) religions is probably higher than it is in Eastern Europe where suppression of religion during the Communist era has created a contemporary situation in which religious groups often adhere to more conservative political and social philosophical beliefs. I wonder if this can be stated in a dispassionate, analytical way (as I have attempted to do here), and just leave it at that.