SN 54.9 appears to leave "paapake" untranslated?

Grateful to Ven. Sujato! Grateful to SuttaCentral!

If I may, I’m comparing Bhante’s translation of SN 54.9 (SuttaCentral) with the Pali (and with Nanamoli’s trans. of this sutta in Vsm. VIII, 150) and it appears that Bhante has left the word “pāpake” untranslated at SC 6.3, SC 7.2 and SC 8.4. Was this purposeful (e.g., intended to avoid references to binary Western theological constructs)?

To give more context, the Pali phrase is: “… ca pāpake akusale dhamme ṭhānaso antaradhāpeti vūpasameti.” (Italics added, obviously :slight_smile: , apologies if my elision is faulty.) The translation associated with this text appears to be as: “And it disperses and settles unskillful qualities on the spot whenever they arise.” (Italics added.) Simply as a contrast, Nanamoli translates this as: “… banishing at once and stilling evil unprofitable thoughts as soon as they arise …” (Vsm, VIII, 145, also see 150 – and, yes, I am taking Bhante’s awesome class on the Visuddhimagga at this time :slight_smile: )

Again, I apologize if what I write here is incorrect and would appreciate being corrected. Thank y’all again.


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