SN55.6 The qualities of a streamwinner: talk by Piya Tan

Thapati Sutta / The Chamberlain Discourse (SN55.6)

  • "living in houses is an oppression, a dust-hole sort of life"
    I think it is what the Buddha was referring to: the ‘business’ of feeling depressed and elated that Isidatta and Purana felt upon hearing and knowing the travels of the Buddha.
    Isidatta and Purana felt that it was something else: the ‘business’ of having to restrain senses: to take care of the elephants, to take care of the royal ladies (who are alluring - scents and touch) and to take care of themselves - second in Gradual Training: successful sense-restraint?
  • 4th characteristics of a streamwinner differs from the usual “virtues loved by the Ariyans”: “lives at home with heart freed from the taint of stinginess. He is open-handed, pure-handed, delighting in self-surrender, one to ask a favour of, delighting to share charitable gifts.” This being a working example? Also connected with the first in Gradual Training: virtue?
  • One last point is that unlike the usual suttas whereby the Buddha addresses:
    e.g. in an assembly of monks, nuns, laymen and laywomen, simply, ‘bhikkhus’ (can’t think of a specific reference, accurate memory?)
    e.g. MN128 Anuruddha, Nandiya, Kimbila, simply ‘Anuruddha’ (the most senior)
    here, he spoke of the stream-winner when the audience is a once-returner and a stream-winner.
    Another interesting point, usually it would be a conversation between one of them, in this case Isidatta, since he is the senior but in this sutta they are both mentioned.