Snp 1.2 (33–34) Dhaniya, wrong parallels

Sādhu, āvuso.
I found 3 wrong parallels for Snp 1.2 (33–34) Dhaniya:

SA 1084, SA2 23, SN 4.9
These three suttas are parralleled with each other, but not with Snp 1.2 (33–34).

I just checked, the four parralleled suttas for Snp 1.2 (33–34) are SA 1004, SA2 142, SN 1.12, SN 4.8.
Please have a look. Thanks!
Sādhu! ×3

Thank you! Please note that the most recent lists of parallels can be found here:

I noticed that the reference to snp1.2 (33-34) is not in the correct format to show up under snp1.2 listing.

So just to make sure that I understand correctly what you are saying:
On page, the reference to snp1.2 (33-34) should be removed.
On page, SA1004 and SA2 142 need to be added under verses 33-34.

As I do not read Chinese, would you be so kind to confirm to me which verses in the SA1004 and SA2.142 correspond to these SNP1.2 verses 33-34? (you can highlight the respective verses with your mouse, then a pop-up box appears above it and you can click on that and then paste the URL here, like this:


Thank you very much for your reply.
The wrong parallels I found were on this page:

Snp 1.2 (33–34) Dhaniya Snp 6 SA 1084, SA2 23, SN 4.9

This line is wrong, because SA 1084, SA2 23, SN 4.9 are not paralleled with Snp 1.2 (33–34).

It should be like this:

Snp 1.2 (33–34) Dhaniya Snp 6 SA 1004, SA2 142, SN 1.12, SN 4.8

Yes, this is exactly what I was saying, sādhu!

Since I don’t know how to do the highlighting, please allow me to do what you said in this simple way:

SNP1.2 33 :
“Nandati puttehi puttimā,
(iti māro pāpimā):
Gomā gohi tatheva nandati;
Upadhī hi narassa nandanā,
Na hi so nandati yo nirūpadhi”.

SA 1004:

SA-2 142
「若人有子孫, 則便生歡喜。
財寶及六畜, 有則皆歡喜。
若人受身時, 亦復生歡喜。
若見無身者, 則無歡悅心。」

SNP1.2 34 :
“Socati puttehi puttimā,
(iti bhagavā):
Gomā gohi tatheva socati;
Upadhī hi narassa socanā,
Na hi so socati yo nirūpadhī”ti.

SA 1004:

SA-2 142
「若人有子孫, 則能生憂惱。
財寶及六畜, 斯是苦惱本。
若復受身者, 則為憂惱患。
若不受身者, 則名寂滅樂。」


Yes, that still shows the old listings, which are no longer updated. The latest listings you find when you click on the button Parallels & References in the menu of the sutta itself. We are working on a new version of SuttaCentral and then the new listings will be fully integrated.
Your input greatly helps us to improve our listings!

The updated listings are there now:


This is really great!
May the Dhamma be with you.
Sādhu! ×3

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