Snp 4.3 (English)


A little question regarding Sutta Central’s English translation of Snp 4.3: the beginning of the last paragraph reads:

Who is not attached still enters into doctrinal debates,
but one unattached, how could he take sides?

Is this correct? Following the logic of the sutta (and cross-checking with Thanissaro’s translation) it would seem that it should read: “Who is attached…”

Also, is there any significance to the initial of ‘view’ being capitalised in the 6th paragraph?


it’s easy to figure out by collation with the source text in Pali

Upayo hi dhammesu upeti vādaṃ,
Anūpayaṃ kena kathaṃ vadeyya;

the key word is Upayo which means attachment

so it appears that a typo has crept in into the translation or rendering of the text on the SC

or the author used a different recension of the source text

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Yep, many thanks @LXNDR. I did more mention it so as to highlight it to the Sutta Central folks rather than for thinking it was correct.

Thanks, I’ve made the correction. It may take a little while to show up on the site.

As for the capitalization, this translation is by Khantipalo, and it is part of his style. Make of it what you will!

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