Some more quantum stuff ;)

A very good talk, with some nice insights into the relation between big stuff, consciousness and the low level of quantum stuff:

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Here’s his basic approach:

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I do not believe there was a highly organised system and then the Big Bang happen.
The idea highly organised is a mental construct.
What you called highly organised could be highly messed up to me.

I wonder if it is a high energy state to a low energy state.
What if it is a one high energy state going into a low energy state, and then turning into something different which in turn is a high energy state? A push becomes motion energy, becomes heat (friction) etc.

with metta

This is pretty much how I see it. A process of high to low energy states - endless repetition, energy state entering weakening energy bonds mode to the point of Big Crunch, which is like when the elastic has been stretched to capacity and has to snap back, and it all starts again. I love it :slight_smile: Existence as transmutation of energy (positive and negative) states. I find that this view is totally compatible with my beliefs regarding Dhamma.