Some new translations for SC?

A couple of new translations have come to our attention, possibly candidates for adding to SC.

Thanks to Ven Dhammanando for pointing out the newly published (and very nicely presented) translation of the Apadana:

The licence permits not just usage, but also creation of derivative works, i.e. third-party translations. So we could pootleize this text and see if anyone wants to translate it. As verse, it’s simple to segment on a per-line basis. We just have to make sure the verse numbering matches up.

Happily, it’s available in raw form on Github, with the text in markdown. Be still my heart! :heart_eyes:

There’s also various interesting things at the U Oslo site. I haven’t checked it in a while, and there seem to be some new things.

This appears to be the Sanskrit Dīrghāgama with a German translation:

The text is segmented, so is potentially a candidate for Pootle. But I haven’t investigated it closely. The licensing situation is a little vague, but it appears to allow reuse.

The same site also has a large series of sections from the Mulasarvastivada Vinaya, but I don’t think there’s any translations.


Yikes! – 1171 pages, 1040 footnotes.

Well, it’s a large text, but also verses tend to spread over many pages. It’s about 2.6 MB or 335,000 words, with maybe half that as notes.

@Aminah … more for our Github Issue List. Maybe you can fork this repro too.

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Yes, I was looking at this last night and figured it should be added. Just atm, I’m chin scratching about issue management more than issue creation, but surely it will be added.

As for repo forking, I’m on quite a learning curve. GitHub is on the list of things I’ve had to give myself a crash course in. I won’t touch anything until I know exactly what I’m doing and repo forking isn’t something I’ve poked at yet.


Also, I’m not sure I fully understood all the repo renaming details and if its anything I need to pay attention to.


:smiley: Well, what we’ve done sofar is add it to the list and forget about it for a couple of years.

So you can either do that, or we just discuss in regular meetings which issue is going to be tackled next and by whom. It’s just a reminder that we should not forget it. And you can link to this D&D thread too.

The repro forking is very easy: just go to the repro, then click “fork” at the top right somewhere and choose if you want it to go to your own or to SuttaCentral.


It’s almost like you’re trying to make me cry! :wink:

Sure, doing it is easy, understanding it is my baseline.


Ayya @Vimala with the suttacentral repo being renamed legacy-suttacetnral, is this now being depreciated? Is it still the right place to add new eg. translation issues?


The suttacentral repro has been renamed to make space for the new version in the next day or so. The legacy version will remain active under because certain browsers like Edge have not yet caught up with modern technologies.

With regards to our issue-list, I would say just keep it in the place where the rest of the issues are for now and we will discuss it in next week’s meeting.


Super. In fact, I now recall a feature in ZenHub that allows issues to be moved across repos should it ever be necessary/desirable.


Very flowery descriptions and mentions of the ten paramis! It feels somewhat late. I have doubts whether it is strictly EBT, but I presume there is more than just that criterion to be included here.

We know that Buddhas could find out about past Buddhas, but we don’t here about them conversing with them as it does here. More signs of lateness or creativity? :slight_smile:

With metta

My thought was that once things had settled down we could add the issues to the main “suttacentral” repo.