Some research backing up the 5th precept


Alcohol is a neurotoxin…so yes, it does make sense that there is no “good amount” of it.


Who needs a brain? Mine has only ever brought me trouble. I’m going to try my very best not to pick up a new one, once this one wears out. :grin:

But seriously, has the fifth precept really got anything to do with keeping a long term healthy brain? Or is it more about what you do when you are “under the influence” of alcohol? Perhaps one of you big brained EBT specialists could shed some light?


It can look like a “glass a day” is good for you when studies don’t take into account that many non-drinkers stopped drinking due to health issues.

Comparing healthy non-drinkers with healthy drinkers shows the true negative effect of alcohol though.

Plus the liver and kidneys…digestive tract…feel free to add to the list :wink:


Not only alcohol, but a lot. They are harmful to the brain.

Some yogi admit to smoke weed, they also harmful to the brain. Even nicotine in cigarette also harmful.

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