Someone tried to hacking my facebook account, what should I do?

An unknown Muslim cyber teams tried to hacking my facebook account or make it disappear in fb. What should I do? :/:fearful:

  • Create a new account.
  • Have some friends outside the internet.
  • Practice solitude.

Contact the Facebook support team, first of all. Create another account and tell your friends about it. Keep calm.

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Hi Jhindra,

I am sorry to hear this has occurred to you.

First up, may I suggest that you edit the title to make it more specific, because others may have similar problems?

Just to let you know, this is an ongoing problem for several years now. There is, in fact, an ongoing cyberwar between Buddhists and Muslims in Myanmar and elsewhere. This should come as no surprise: every conflict these days has its cyber dimension.

We shouldn’t diminish or trivialize the problem, as the internet, and the ability to use it safely is of such great importance to so many aspects of life.

I am aware of one Muslim group in Myanmar that does this. They are called Myanmar Muslim Cyber Force. I won’t link to them, but you can find them easily enough. The website is horrible, but also kind of funny:

Islam means Peach. We, the Muslims want peach all over the world.

I, too, like peaches, so there’s some common ground there! :peach:

There are probably others. I’ve seen references to a Bangladeshi group called “Cyber 71”.

They allege that Buddhist groups are hacking Muslims. I haven’t seen any evidence for this, but it seems plausible.

They don’t need any specific reason or justification. They simply try to hack and disrupt any and all people or organizations associated with Buddhism in any way, from individual facebook accounts to government websites. Their goal is to harm and undermine the Buddhist community.

There are some specific things that we can do.

  • Always use strong, non-repeated passwords.
  • Change password if you suspect there may be a breach.
  • If you can’t get into your account, contact Facebook and ask for help.
  • If there is any evidence of hacking—for example if they left a message or defaced your account—take a screenshot immediately and save it in a safe place. If you can, submit it to Facebook.
  • When communicating with Facebook, make sure they know this is religious-based persecution, and that many people are affected. Give them the link to the hackers’ website (I will share this with you privately), and share the images below.
  • If you’re running websites, make sure to always keep your software up to date, use proper security protocols, encrypted SSL connections, and Cloudflare or other DDoS protection.
  • I just discovered that Myanmar Muslim Cyber Force actually have an app available on the Google Play store. I will be contacting Google to ask that it be removed, and I recommend everyone else does the same. Here’s screenshots from the app:

They’re a charming bunch, to be sure. But just remember, even though hacking is dangerous, in most cases it succeeds because of sloppiness by the user. Always use the strongest available security protocols, and you will usually be safe.


Bhante, do you experience the cyber attack on SC?

No, we’ve been fine. We have awesome developers who keep us safe! But that is pretty much a rarity; most Buddhist sites are not run by professionals, and most of them don’t implement even the basics. A number of friends of mine have been hacked.

Just checking, neither CBETA nor VRI nor AtI nor Wisdom Publications nor PTS nor Obo nor the FABC use SSL. The BPS, BSWA, and Buddhist Door do, so good on them!


The problem is, I am an admin in some Buddhist groups. Imagine how many Buddhist groups would be hacked if my account was hacked …


Ok, done. :smiley:

Indeed this is the result of a burma case… Since the Burma case broke out again, some admin accounts of Buddhist Groups were attacked, some lost access to their accounts

I’ll check it. Many thanks Bhante… :anjal:

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One possibility is to further one’s renunciation practice by disenchantment-dispassion-cessation with respect to attachment to Facebook. :smirk:

Edit: Too much funny-business going on there – false speech to cover-up false speech, etc…

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