Source of the story that Venerable Ananda attained arahanthood while lying down?

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Does anyone know sources of the story that Venerable Ananda reached arahanthood after striving and putting his head to rest? :slight_smile:

I wonder what is the earliest text with this story?

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I believe you can find that in the Vinaya:

Cūḷavagga, #21, Pañcasatikakkhandhaka, Saṅgītinidāna


“sve sannipāto na kho metaṁ patirūpaṁ, yohaṁ sekkho samāno sannipātaṁ gaccheyyan”ti

"It would not be proper for me to go to the assembly tomorrow if I’m still a trainee.”

bahudeva rattiṁ kāyagatāya satiyā vītināmetvā rattiyā paccūsasamayaṁ “nipajjissāmī”ti kāyaṁ āvajjesi. Appattañca sīsaṁ bibbohanaṁ, bhūmito ca pādā muttā. Etasmiṁ antare anupādāya āsavehi cittaṁ vimucci.

And after spending most of the night with mindfulness directed to the body, early in the morning he bent over to lie down. In the interval between his feet coming off the ground and his head hitting the pillow his mind was freed from the corruptions through letting go.

Ven. Brahmali, trans.


This is a way of communicating the circadian rhythm, where the mind in the evening and morning moves between the waking and subconscious states and vice versa, thereby being the most suitable times for meditation, particularly for beginners.

•Ven Analayo has a publication on imagery in the suttas.