Sources for suttas

Hi guys, you have nice website, but it would be great, if you mark from where you copy translations of suttas, for example you copy russian translations from website, but there is no any marking on it, people just think that you did translations yourself, and finally it would help local theravada communities, because some russians sitting on this forum, even don’t know about our theravada buddhist community in Saint-Petersburg, which is under guidance, of famous russian monk Pannyavudho Bhikkhu,

Thanks for the feedback.

The publication details for all texts are contained in the Metadata tab. When you first open up a text file, there is a popup that informs you of this, and points to that tab. Unfortunately this popup is in English only. We are working on making our site more international, but this will take some time, as we are only a small team.

In the Metadata we try to include as much relevant information as possible, including authorship, publication details, licencing, and so on. However it is not always easy to find this information, and when it comes to the many languages that we don’t speak, we are reliant on whatever assistance we can find. If there are any more details that you think we should include here, please let us know and we will add it.


Hi kheminda12

Could you please give links to translations on SC originating from the website you cite, which nevertheless lack proper attribution?

And if i may ask, is Ven Kheminda from Burma the same person as yourself?

The suttas taken from here Палийский Канон :: Основы буддизма :: Тхеравада.ру
Yes, that;s me, but now i stay in Thailand…

I think it would be better if this button which have three lines symbol on the picture will be changed on something more informative.

ok, thank you for confirmation :pray: