Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC)

Could someone help me? I remembered that in one of the Sutta (not sure about the Sutta) about a Minister (?) who achieve Parinibbana through a contemplation on fire (Human Combustion) after receiving a sermon from The Buddha. Which Sutta is it? And is there any other Sutta or Story which relate to the contemplation of fire? Is there other stories related to contemplation on the other elements?

I am reading a very interesting topic in the pseudoscientific area, the Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC). Although it is not yet understandable scientifically but some scientists has gone through this SHC phenomena for centuries. It was reported as early as 1746, reported in the BMJ (1938) and some books has been published about this SHC phenomena (Ablaze, 1995 or Fire from Heaven, 1976).

Thanks for the help :pray::pray::pray:.

Check Ud8.9 and Ud8.10:

Entering upon the fire element is also found at SN6.5, but not in the context of final extinguishment:

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Thank You @Gabriel_L . It is very much appreciated for the additional information. It is of course, adding information to the Human Combustion area, although it is not spontaneous fenomena instead a deliberate fenomena.

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So far, we have:

  1. minister (?) from war-hero turn into an Arahant. Contemplating on Fire. Turn to ashes with relics. I still working to get the name.
  2. Ven. Dabba Mallaputta.

Of course not to mention that The Buddha, Ven. Mahāmoggallāna, Ven. Mahākassapa, Ven. Mahākappina and Ven. Anuruddha who are able to contempate on the fire element.

I can’t quote any suttas, but can give a modern day example. It seems like this idea of meditating on the fire element and immolating oneself survived in the Tibetan tradition. A Theravada monk I know who loves meditating at Bodhgaya heard about a Tibetan nun who, while also at Bodhgaya, either knew or decided it was her time to go. She sat down in a cemetery, meditated on the fire element, set herself on fire, and peacefully passed away.

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Oh My God, when it happen? anybody run a formal investigation on it? any formal report?

The monk just related the story to me. I don’t know much more than that. So, this falls into the “anecdotal evidence” category.

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Anyway, thank you for your kind information.

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