Spontaneously reborn humans

Tsjemig…what a nonsense, right, that one would not violate the commandments this way. I am shocked. It shows, i believe, how cunning the mind can become and especially insensitive, unwise.
Rules above all!

Yep it is nonsense but in Abrahmic religions there’s different definitions of killing and various forms of killing, from “honourable” (in Islam, allowing “soul”/breath to leave by beheading) to “dishonourable” (stoning to death, etc.). In Judaism, the breath is seen to be orginating from God as God gave Adam the first breath, so sacrificing/killing an animal for example is done directly by the throat.

And seeing as how Mesopotamia and the Indus valley civilization were connected with trading routes, and later on King Ashoka wrote in Aramaic, Sanskrit, and Greek, showing that literature and ideas was shared amongst civilizations. So Mesopotamian/Abrahmic ideas like not cutting the throat to avoid “killing” may have bled over to the jains, thus allowing people to die “indirectly”.

From a Buddhist perspective it’s all barbaric, and Inca/Aztec rituals were even more so than Abrahmic, like rolling heads down pyramids in order to summon rain for better harvests.

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History is ripe with religious people finding loop holes for everything. Some catholic women still consider themselves virgins if they have other forms of intercourse for example. Or Hassidic jews hire a none-jewish person to make fires for them on the sabbath, or sabbath elevators that stop at every floor on the sabbath so that religious Jews don’t have to press a button.

It’s all just arbitrary and silly


History is ripe with religious people finding loop holes for everything.

Good reason to abandon the fetter of clinging to rites and rituals.


This is what the Buddha calls wrong view. Monotheism is dangerous because they think God is absolute and no one can overrule him. So they see God’s commands as the ultimate truth and are unable to examine the reason behind these commands. Monotheism can be a very fatal wrong view.

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