Start of a European community on Cape of Good Hope

…and now that I have your attention, buongiorno dal cuore dell’ Europa!

Forget your sorrows for a while, hold an espresso within reach and give us your best smile. In the heart of Europe, we’re setting up a community that welcomes spiritual companions from all over the continent (which for us as well include the UK and Ireland). Our essence is defined by Buddhist wisdom, interfaith wisdom, gender equality and European values. In January 2021 - we send out a doodle by email to all who want to participate - we’ll get started with an online meeting. You’re all more than welcome. If you have spiritual friends in Europe, feel free to share this invitation. Finally to all non-Europeans: no need to sail, cycle or hitchhike to our gatherings! For now we meet solely online - we won’t be able to go offline anywhere soon. Take advantage of this opportunity to join.

Good friendship is the entire spiritual life, the Buddha said.
If you’d like to participate, please send your email address in a PM,
specify your country of residence and we’ll keep you posted.

Thanks a lot and till soon, Teresia

© illustrator Carll Cneut


International Network of Engaged Buddhists:

“The marginal status of many of our members means that our work and accomplishments must come from the solidarity of kalyanamitra rather than financial or political forms of support. This foundation leads the network into an engagement and confrontation with the structural and cultural sources of suffering, which is the unique character of socially engaged Buddhism.”

European Buddhist Union:

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Our first meeting will be on Saturday 30 January 2021 from 4 pm till 5.30 pm Brussels winter time.
If you’d like to join in and haven’t signed up yet, please let me know in a PM.