Still mystery if in Tripitaka truly had all practical details for meditation

Seeing in Tripitaka actually there so much things it doesn’t hint that Sangha didn’t practice certain thing

For example. Buddha mentioning that what is the use of Om chanting. Doesn’t mean they didn’t practice it’s replacement. Which I believe was discourses with Dharma truths which has more power if understood. While what he meant with chanting Om was probably that chanting it only brings inferior concentration. Which chanting truths that you understand or while chanting you understand brings superior effect. Bliss and concentration.

Another mystery is breathing. What if Buddha meant while doing certain force breathing the right path was that you are aware that you are doing the long breath. Or short ones. Meaning fast. You just dont do a breathing. You need to also be aware. So you grow better to know awareness.

Certain people just do the moves of yoga focusing only on their improvement etc but like krishnamurti said that its about seeing life as one unitary movement.

Thats the flow Buddha is teaching is to keep by mindfulness + samadhi

Seeing all as the flow

What about other practices. I can think where new monks was taught to focus on while breathing in the beginning. What where they taught for super powers. Because in yoga again its in need to practice force breathing.

We have suttas instance of a new of junior monk already having them. I believe Sangha left advanced things out of suttas to leave it to teachers. Althought we have in suttas Buddha saying that he taught with no closed fist.

We can see that in the beginning certain teaching was not taught to laypersons so I assume we can imagine them leaving out of suttas many things. Or else we have many Devadattas by now. Even then we have many problems without them revealing everything.

But we have enough to practice but I am bring this topic because as I use my Buddhist awareness practice to stay in the present and be aware in Kundalini Yoga there comes much questions to mind right now. Because there is much benefit. And I dont think Sangha ignored such benefits.

Maybe it was normal to do those practices personal. And much other things is lacking details for meditation

But just sitting and letting go and things happen but there is truly much benefit that most are missing if just staying only with the believe we know all Sangha practiced

In my opinion, meditation is a natural phenomenon that occurs when you follow the chain of cause and effect. There is no prescribed method for practicing meditation because the state of meditation simply arises as a result of cultivating positive states of mind beforehand.

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I’ve been intending to delve into this topic myself. However, my understanding from studying the Vimuttimagga suggests that the suttas encompass the more advanced instructions, while the basic introductory guidelines seem to be absent.

When you select a meditation technique, such as breath meditation or loving-kindness meditation, and compare the instructions provided in the suttas with those from the Vimuttimagga, it becomes evident that the advanced directives are essentially present, but the preliminary introductory instructions are not.

I surmise that the monks who initially memorized the suttas deemed the advanced instructions as the most crucial to retain. They likely assumed that the foundational instructions would be learned or taught outside of the suttas.