Suffering is Blessing


Is the following coming from a sutta? Could please someone give me the reference to it.
A monk asked the Buddha whether it was possible to be reborn into a life without suffering. To which he replied that “Suffering is Blessing”. Alluding to the fact that without suffering there would be no urge to follow the spiritual path.


I can’t recall Buddha saying that suffering is blessing.
In fact Buddha condemned the Niganthas who practice Atthakilamatanuyoga (self torture).
However he said suffering lead to Saddha as it confirm his teaching first Noble Trutth.


On the website Fake Buddha Quotes I find the following when entering “Suffering is Blessing” in the search field:


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SN 12.23 Proximate Cause
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12“I say, bhikkhus, that faith too has a proximate cause; it does not lack a proximate cause. sn.ii.31 And what is the proximate cause for faith? It should be said: suffering."

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