Suggestion: '🖤 received' and 'Posts' in User Profile Pop-Up

From his article, I can see why, however, I was proposing post count AND likes, for the only reasons of being able to see quality of content and contribution—such as 5000 posts/10 likes (very low quality) vs. 500 posts/2000 likes (very high quality).

But anyway, I said I was wrong, that he’s right and even called him a genius! I can’t do that much more. :yum: I’m grateful of what I learnt from his article and his blog though. It really opens up your eyes to how discussion/online discussion platforms function.


Jeff Atwood (co-creator of Discourse) decided to add read time to user cards. Once Discourse will be updated, user cards will have this added information:

I’d urge everyone to read Jeff Atwood’s article on the importance of reading (general psychology of online discussion is also discussed).

Discussion, whether online or offline, cannot succeed by the amount of talking that is done, but by the amount of listening. Reading/listening is also crucial to make sure the other’s points are correctly understood, before any meaningful discussion can have the possibility of taking place.

The article is highly intriguing. I don’t see online discussion/discussion in general the same way since I’ve read this article.