Suggestion: editing 2, 3 better Speech less self

I make the following suggestion without knowledge of cost effort difficulty.

I suggest that posts edited more than once require reason be filled out, to discourage an annoying practice of re editing posts regardless of responses. I think this would be better communication and Right Speech, as the re editing might encourage thoughts of self.


An option one might consider is that it takes as much time to clarify the meaning of one post with a follow up as it does to go back and edit. Removing ideas can certainly cause confusion in a thread.

Taking some time to fully form our thoughts before we create a post is helpful, too, even though it could be difficult when we’re excited about sharing something. Sometimes I think I deliberate too much and take a long time unnecessarily :smile:


As it happens, have had repeated recent exploration of this suggestion. Have sometimes chosen to edit for clarity, when spelling or grammar or incomplete expression has been done by me; have sometimes chosen to just let be. Sometimes the latter has been opportunity for other lives, sometimes the former has been apparently useful.

Perhaps just a knowing that post has been edited would be helpful, or perhaps knowing and contemplating impermanence is best; i share thoughts, and trust the team. TY

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