Been using compact view and have noticed that when hovering the mouse over the title there is no “mouse click indicator” - the hand with the index finger extended. It would be helpful so that users will know that the title can be expanded to see other options for translations, parallels, and the brief summary.


Good point, thanks, I have filed a request for this.


Would it be possible to make the offline downloads in such a way that a person could only install a specific set of texts. For example, if some one didn’t have the speed of interest or want the entire collection, they could just download Sujāto DN and AN or only Brahmāli Vinaya.


It may be possible, but it gets really complicated really quickly. Already, even after devoting a lot of time and resources, we find it’s hard to guarantee a reliable offline experience. The more complexity we build into the system, the more fragile it becomes, and the more points of failure there are. We have discussed it in the past, but it’s not something we are planning on implementing right now.


It is an ambitious project. Hopefully in time a solution will reveal itself.

Have you heard of the open-source project called “Syncthing”? If not, it may be worth looking at the code they’ve developed. Syncthing will analyze the files you have currently and if someone around the world has the same file system, but only 2gb difference, Syncthing will only pull the 2gb. Aside from SC it may be a useful tool.