Sujato/John Kelly Pali Courses: Resources

I use Sublime Text to search SC’s data locally.

  • Sublime Text is a text editor, you can install a trial version for free, or use the free VScode which has similar functionality. It lets you search inside any folder on your computer, super handy! You can also use regex, which is like super-powered search. For example I might want to find a text where a “cat” is described as “cute”, so cat.*cute, which means “look for cat, then any number of characters, then cute”. Alas, it does not occur! (We can’t use regex online, because it is easy to write a regex that takes a stupid amount of processing power and will crash the server.)
  • You can download SC’s Pali texts and translations from this link.

Doing this is a bit more hassle than using a dedicated app like Digital Pali Reader, but the advantage is that you can then do the same thing with any set of texts, eg. I use the same setup for searching Sanskrit.