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I can’t memorise vocabulary lists any longer, but I find the app great for memorising sentences.

What I mean is that I haven’t figured out how to use it! :grin: :grin: :grin:

Regarding memory, I need a good dictionary and a list of main forms of lexical items to help me go to the dictionary! So, the flash cards could come in handy when I am able to use it!

They don’t do that. They only have the word forms copied from Warder. No extra information. :zipper_mouth_face:

Thank you.

I’ll just use excel to do it myself, then :blush:

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Warder gives the answers to the exercises for Lessons 1-6 at the back of the book, p460ff.

Here are two answer keys to the later Warder exercises, from Ajahn Brahmali and from John Kelly.

Aj Brahmali’s Warder key.pdf (796.9 KB)

A. K. Warder Pali Answer Key.pdf (1.1 MB)


Thank you for the lesson tonight, Bhante.

Classmates who want to work at memorising may like to know that there is a deck of flashcards called “AK-Warder” available on Anki that covers Lessons 1-9.
Start here:


Apologies for sounding totally dumb. I’ve downloaded the Anki app, but I don’t know how to get “AK-Warder” flashcards…

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  1. Click on “library”
  2. Enter “Pali” into the search field
  3. Select the Warder deck
  4. Click "Duplicate Deck. "

I have them, but I’m finding I’m preferring to make my own. for me, making the flashcard is helping to imprint it.


A Dictionary of Pāli: Set of 3 Volumes


hmmm The price is quite interesting…

I wish to see the inside of the dictionary…

Merriam-Webster is a good dictionary but it is for native speakers (educated), who know how to use the words.

Oxford dictionary gives idiosyncratic info most useful for learners (non-native speakers) who need to know the register, nuance, usage, etc of the lexical item as well as to know the differences and similarities between different items.

If Cone’s dictionary is like Oxford, I’d save up money to buy their dictionary!

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The PTS DOP (Margaret Cone’s dictionary with the fourth volume still a year or two away, to be completed by someone else) is wonderful, but most Pali students are well served by the older PED which is freely available online with a search function, hosted by U Chicago.


You can install the PED allong side the DPD in GoldenDict.



Thanks, but I have no idea what these things are!
I can’t even get this chat board to work on my laptop (too old?), only on my mobile phone !

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Thanks so much… but…

I have downloaded the zip file, but I don’t know what to do next!

apologies for being dumb again

Oh bliss! Oh heaven! Thank you so much.

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I think this is where I found the instructions.
There are also videos on YouTube, but make sure to follow correctly for Mac or Windows. :wink:


thanks so much. :heart:

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Who wrote the entries for the Digital Dictionary?

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IIRC, Bhante Bodhirasa heavily edited and greatly expanded the Concise Pāli Dictionary… At this point it’s basically his own creation.

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Thank you, I’d never heard of that.
Does it cite usages, like PED, CPD (Critical Pali Dictionary), and DOP ?

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It’s wonderful because you can look up a word with the inflection as you read it, rather than having to work out what the headword would be, and it gives tables of inflections, grammar notes etc at one click.

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