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Technically any amount can be pledged, but yes it’s simple enough to add another suggested amount. I’ll do that.

I’d be open to taking requests from patrons for texts they’d like translated sooner than later. That would be more than fair, given that their support is making the project possible. I’m not sure if I want to book individual sutras through direct sponsorships, but I could add making translation requests to the tier benefits at Patreon.


I personally have been finding that the SA translations from Chinese are often far clearer and easier to understand than the SN translations from Pali. Perhaps its because Chinese is a living language vs Pali being devoid of context apart from the suttas? At least it seems easier to derive the correct interpretation and understanding from the SA. A full translation of the SA is indeed a pressing need!


How does this work for a succinct one paragraph statement for the project?

“Why translate the Chinese Āgamas? The Āgamas are important to our understanding of what the Buddha taught. While the Pali canon of the Theravāda school offers us a complete picture of one sectarian Buddhist canon, the Āgamas give us a window into the canons of several other Indian schools of Buddhism, including the Sarvâstivāda (MĀ and SĀ), Dharmaguptaka (DĀ), and Mahāsāṃghika (EĀ). These canons allow us to compare the textual traditions of early Buddhist schools, and they were the direct inspiration for later Mahāyāna Sutras and Abhidharma works.”


Just my own two cents:

I think people relate better to understanding “what the Buddha taught” than “Indian Buddhism”. The Buddha was a spiritual teacher, Indian Buddhism is a historical construct.

I’d phrase it “Pali canon of the Theravada school”. I don’t think “Theravada canon” is a widely used or understood phrase.

I think this could be stronger: These canons allow us to make comparative studies, or better: “These canons allow us to compare the textual traditions of early Buddhist schools.”


And thereby to get a more detailed picture of the historical Buddhas’ own (original) teachings.


Another benefit of these translations (that my wife pointed out) will be to help preserve them for future generations. That’s because having the Agamas in only one language makes them more likely to be lost sooner than having them in at least two languages, especially a current one like modern day English.

It sounds like that one day the Buddha’s teachings will be lost to the world, but these translations will help preserve them longer for future generations.


This seems to be the most important benefit the translated Agamas will provide. Wouldn’t it be awesome to read a translated Pali sutta alongside its Chinese parallel? Once the Agamas are translated, does SC plan on somehow linking the parallels so that they’re easy to study together Bhante @sujato? That would be amazing but perhaps not practicable?


Yes, this is one of my main arguments. The classical Chinese is becoming so obscure that few people can even read it properly. There are expressions and transliterations in the Agamas that are already a guessing game as to what exactly they meant.


I’ll help, but only single time donation. Is it okay? :sweat_smile:


Certainly. Patreon won’t charge you until the end of the month. If anyone else wants to make single-time donations, it may be easier to send it to my PayPal account. Then you won’t need to remember to cancel a subscription in the future.


It’s okay. I’ll wait Patreon charge me. I must paid Paypal $6.99 to send my donation. :grin: