Supporting Tibetan nuns

I’ve been supporting a Tibetan nun in Slovenia for some time. Her name is Tenzin Wangmo. Unlike in the Theravada tradition, there is no culture of support for western monastics in the Tibetan tradition and as everywhere it is hardest on the nuns. Most nuns disrobe due to the lack of support and opportunities for monastic study and to follow in the Buddha’s footsteps. Wangmo has gone through some very difficult times and has lived alone in a small appartment. We have supported her with dental treatment, expenses for daily living and costs for her to conduct her teachings.

Now finally she is making her dream come true by moving to the USA to be in charge of a newly opened nunnery at Scholastic Institute Chokyi Gyaltsen (SICGU, and to be part of a larger Sangha where she can work and study in community and have access to experienced teachers.

In her own words: “SICGU does not in any way discriminate among monks and nuns, nevertheless, at present it offers specific support only to nuns since there is more need for it now.”

If you want to support the nuns at SICGU, and especially Tenzin Wangmo, you can do so via the website; choose the Ani-la option: Donations ~ SICGU.ORG.