Surfing the web, forms and consciousness

Today my mind was caught in a spider’s web.

A spider web is a form that arises out of consciousness and through subtle and gentle clinging and tugging gives rise to even more consciousness.

DN33:1.11.114: As long as consciousness remains, it remains involved with form, supported by form, founded on form. And with a sprinkle of relishing, it grows, increases, and matures.

spider web


Lots of places to land in a web… I suppose that is why it is such an effective trap :wink::smiley::spider_web: :dharmawheel:

Added, interesting hypothesis in the article… but I feel it is vastly overextending the arguement. One could just as easily make the same arguments for any being that is skilled in using tools… and ask the question is the tool part of the mind or consciousness - I suppose the way to differentiate this is to ascertain if the tool is viewed as self :rofl::sweat_smile::upside_down_face:

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I used to have an IT advisor who would move the carefully placed folders around my computer desktop without my permission. (He thought he was helping.) I always knew it made me mad but now I realise it was a genuine mental derangement. My cries of “Now I can’t think clearly” weren’t over the top at all.