Sutta about "surviving" in robes

Hi everyone,

It’s my first post, i’m writing from spain. I find this site incredible good, thanks for all the efforts.

My question is about a sutta that deals with the things or qualities a monk has to have to stay in robes.

A monk ask the Buddha and he answer something like, you have to have a low profile, be humble, stay in a small monastery… i think.

Can anyone recall what sutta is it?

I think I read it here, i have been searching but couldn’t find it.

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Hi Hugo, welcome, and good question. I’m hoping someone comes up with an answer for you; nothing immediately springs to my mind. But if we don’t get an answer in a day or two I’ll see what I can find.

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This is the sutta about that a monk should have fewer or no students etc.

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Yes! That one!

It’s not MN 124, is it? SC doesn’t have this yet, so here’s a .pdf of it (at the end). I doubt that this is the one, though… hmm…

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Is not, daverupa, thanks!

It’s a short one I think.

That might make it something from the Snp or the Ud, for example. Hmm.

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You’re sure it’s a sutta, right? It wouldn’t be from the Visuddhimagga?

Firstly it was said above, he should sever any of the ten impediments that he may have. Now the ‘ten impediments’ are:

A dwelling, family, and gain,
A class, and building too as fifth,
And travel, kin, affliction, books,
And supernormal powers: ten.

Vsm III, 29


Yes, I’m almost sure it’s a sutta.

I’m looking for it now, no success…

Welcome @Hugo,
I think I’ve seen a sutta like this but I have been looking and cannot find it. If I do I will certainly let you know.

Thanks Linda!


I found this sutta thag 15.1 but it’s not spoken by the Buddha, but rather Koṇḍañña. It’s probably not the one you’re looking for but it does talk about being humble and stable and with no need for students. But it’s about awakening, not specifically about remaining in robes.

Also found sn16.8, spoken by the Buddha but also probably not the one you’re looking for.


Good find, Linda! And very inspiring verses too. It seems like that would be the one Hugo’s looking for.

There are so many inspiring verses in both the Theragatha and Therigatha. I’ve always liked Thag 19.1, Tālapu­ṭa’s gatha.


Oh yes, I love the verses in those collections, including Thag 19.1. So vivid and poignant too.

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Thanks for pointing me to that! Wow! :no_mouth:



Thank you very much but they are not the one I’m looking for.

It’s not in verse, and the structure is question and answer like. Not sure if it was said by the Buddha but I think it was.

Thanks for the effort and for the readings that are appearing here!

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How about SN35.151:


And here’s one of my favorite suttas, though again probably not be the one you’re thinking of:an8.30

“And what, bhikkhus, are the eight thoughts of a great person? (1) This Dhamma is for one with few desires, not for one with strong desires. (2) This Dhamma is for one who is content, not for one who is discontent. (3) This Dhamma is for one who resorts to solitude, not for one who delights in company. (4) This Dhamma is for one who is energetic, not for one who is lazy. (5) This Dhamma is for one with mindfulness established, not for one who is muddle-minded. (6) This Dhamma is for one who is concentrated, not for one who is unconcentrated. (7) This Dhamma is for one who is wise, not for one who is unwise. (8) This Dhamma is for one who delights in non-proliferation, who takes delight in non-proliferation, not for one who delights in proliferation, who takes delight in proliferation.


That one is very similar to one of my favorite suttas, AN 8.53, which I found so useful a guideline that I memorized it. :nerd_face:


Nice suttas! but no luck yet.

I spent a lot of time yesterday looking in my browser history but couldn’t find it. I’m starting to think that I dreamed with the Buddha telling me those things :slight_smile: