Sutta Central App?

Hey there friends,

I’m just curious if we are moving any where with bringing at SC app to android and iPhone?


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I already have it! It showed up at my android phone’s screen the first time I loaded the new SC! Didn’t it come up in yours??

SuttaCentral is a Progressive Web App (PWA). This is an emerging set of specifications that allow a website to behave like a native app on mobiles. Recent versions of Android should be well supported, and iOS support should be coming in the next year or so.

As it is a very new technology it is not yet 100%, but it will improve over the next couple of years.

We will not be making native apps. The cost is too high and the benefits too low. But if anyone wants to fork our data and make something, go right ahead!


When I visited SC in Chrome, I got a prompt asking if I wanted SC on my home screen. I chose yes and now it’s there and behaves like a regular app. Using Android 8.0.


Same with Android 5.1.1—except that it doesn’t work offline, unfortunately… :disappointed_relieved:

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Just tried it on my Android 6.0.1 tablet and am getting “Network Error.” Similarly for the other main Nikayas. This is after choosing to download all the texts from the “Use Offline” page.

So it looks like older versions of Android are unsupported…

I’m not sure if it’s older versions of Android. I have also problems with the offline function on my laptop.

For the moment I have given up on that, having enough other trouble with my computer…

The support comes from the browser, so if you make sure you have the latest Chrome installed, you have the best chance of making it work.