Sutta discussion about Snp's Atthaka and Parayana Vaggas

I was wondering if there is audio/video of someone from Bswa translating the atthakavagga and parayanavagga suttas to get a easier understanding. Thx

Hi Paul,

Yes, I do remember you. We are not big on the Suttanipāta at the BSWA, but perhaps it is something we should have look at. Once you get into verse, things tend to get complicated, but it can be nice and inspiring.

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I know these are early texts that some secular Buddhists like to distinguish as the real original teachings without being pinned down to a specific way of life. It would be very enlightening for one of you to maybe give your thoughts during a sutta class. Thanks and i will be diligent in my pursuit of truth also! Put in a good word for me to the big man brahm! Sadhu