Sutta Listing Wrong Views

A while back I read a sutta that defined wrong view, by listing 5 wrong views.

I can’t remember the sutta name. Does it ring a bell with anyone else?

I don’t remember all 5 wrong views ( hence I am stuck in samsara :slight_smile: ), but the list went something like this:

  1. Seeing the impermanent as permanent.
  2. Seeing the stressful as pleasurable
  3. Seeing self where there is none.
  4. Seeing the beautiful as ugly and vice-versa

Thanks for any clues


Here’s one example:

the Pāḷi is:

Anicce niccasaññino,
dukkhe ca sukhasaññino;
Anattani ca attāti,
asubhe subhasaññino;

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Perceiving constancy in the inconstant,
pleasure in the stressful,
self in what’s not-self,
attractiveness in the unattractive,

Good to know my memory wasn’t far off.

Thank You!