Sutta on Patacara Theri?

Am looking for a sutta that tells the story of Patacara Theri, in which how she was ordained was clearly stated. I remember someone saying that she was in fact ordained by the Buddha (Ehi Patacara or something like that). My memory may have failed me.

P.S. I’ve been looking for a piece of evidence to indicate that the Buddha himself ordained Patacara just by saying ‘Come, Patacara.’

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It seems from the commentary, not the sutta itself.

You can find the information here (which relates the story of Kisa Gotami and Patacara):

and here:

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I’ve been trying to find a piece of evidence that ‘the Buddha’ actually ordained Patacara himself.

I’m not seeing it in the Apadana.

The only place where the “ehi” ordination is mentioned in the Suttas with relation to a nun is not with Patacara, but with Bhadda Kundalakesa in her Therigatha, Thig 5.9, and in this case it’s indeed the Buddha who ordains her:

I bent my knee and bowed,
and in his presence raised my joined palms.
“Come Bhaddā,” he said;
that was my ordination.


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I got the name wrong. :smiley:

I just wanted evidence that the Buddha ordained a woman by ‘Ehi’ method.