Sutta promos - visual mnemonics

Not to me!
Interesting that you imply the mind is in the head in your drawings.
I understand where you are coming from, as we westerners were taught that the brain is where thoughts and feelings take place (i.e. the mind resides).
However, for example, if I were to show this to my wife, who was born and raised in Thailand as a Buddhist, she would say the mind is in the chest, around where the heart is!


Then you’ve got the likes of Ajahn Brahm who tell us that the brain and the heart (and everything else) are in the mind :wink:


Oo! May I add this image to the OBU index card? I’m also a visual learner and love a good mnemonic :slightly_smiling_face:


Of course! That’s a slick looking site (bookmarked for later investigation :slight_smile: )

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Awesome! Thanks! Would you like an attribution? If so, what name should I use?

And please let me know if you have any design feedback or ideas (large or small) re the website :slight_smile:

Negatory - I’m just a kid with a magnadoodle :slight_smile:

Going through the supermarket recently, I saw two people chatting. “Great”, I silently fumed, “but why would you stand right smack in the intersection of two aisles? How inconsiderate are you?? I mean, who does that???”. It was at this point I recalled the Acrobats simile and my ‘suffering’ assumed its correct proportion, i.e. non-existent.


I borrowed the Sutta Central logo; figured that the graphic’s only ever going to be on this site. Easy to swap it out if there’s objections.

On a side note, I had 3 more sessions on the Clear Mountain Monastery logo but simply lack the necessary skills for that style/task. I mention it simply because it might look like “how does he find time for this, but not for that?”.


Possibly not what you had in mind, but the ‘Eliminate arisen unskilful qualities’ looks like the dragon is going in for a big hug, which is precisely the right technique for this :smiley:

Edit: assuming the proper local Covid guidelines are followed :wink:


I’m sorry, but this is really sacrilegious. “Google is your friend”?

:shushing_face: Bhante, google is malicious and ubiquitous.
good morning, google!

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I altered the phrase you mentioned - but perhaps you mean the thread overall?

Just a joke about Google, that’s all!


That :arrow_up: sparked my interest


Time reflecting on parts of AN3.36:

Some aspects of Buddhism are just so intuitive!


When I was a kid dad played a Tim Finn song “There’s a fraction too much friction” which I had completely forgotten until it randomly popped into my head while finishing off my run at SN48.39 :smiley:

@moderators, I’m aware that the uploaded file size is not nothing, but have seen people upload bigger. Let me know if it’s too large, I can shrinkydink to lower quality.


I’m mentioning @helpdesk-dd for this query.

As long as the system lets you upload the file it is fine.

Identical files are only stored once, but can be referenced anytime by using the upload link in the original post like this:

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A version of MN2 rough as, but sufficient for recall.


So… someone asked me “If it’s true, can I say it?” I was reminded of this sutta:

That’s a bit hard to grok, so I made a flowchart. Let me know if I got it right!

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I’d go with “Beneficial?” rather than “Harmful?” in the second step in order to filter out idle chatter too