Sutta reference to Moggallana being blue

Hi friends ,
We were wondering if there are any references in the suttas as to why Ven. Moggallana is depicted as blue?

We have both heard it is because he was dark skinned but are struggling to find references.
V.Pasanna and V.Acala


According to the DPPN:

Moggallāna’s body was of the colour of the blue lotus or the rain cloud (Bu.i.58).

Bu.=Buddhavamsa (P.T.S.).

As far as I know there is no reference to his appearance in the first four nikayas or the first nine books of the KN.


Nothing found in major suttas about the color but one stanza from Khuddakanikāya.

Gajjitā kālameghova, nīluppalasamasādiso;
Iddhibalena asamo, moggallāno mahiddhiko (Ratanacaṅkamanakaṇḍaṃ, Buddhavaṃsapāḷi, Khuddakanikāya, 58th verse)

Something like (hard to give the exact meaning):
who has a body that splendor like a roaring black cloud or a blue lily, unrivaled with the great power, moggallāna (thero) who has supernatural powers.
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