Sutta Searching: "Sermon of the Seven Suns"

Sermon of the Seven Suns, where does one find this at SuttaCentral? A citation for it is “Anguttara VII. 62”, but what does this correspond to in SuttaCentral’s categorization?

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Unfortunately, transforming seamlessly between reference systems is still on the roadmap. One of the problems is that the various systems are ambiguous: does AN vii 62 mean volume seven, page 62, or the book of the sevens, sutta 62? Well, it can’t be the former, as there are not seven volumes in AN, but you can’t tell that just from the reference.

But in the meantime, what I would do in this case is go to the Anguttara, i.e. Then click on the top heading, which will take a little time to load, as it puts all the AN suttas on one page (not recommended on mobiles!):

Alternatively you could just go to the sevens.

Then search for 62 in the sevens. You’ll see that there are in fact two texts, as there is a disagreement in the numbering system. We follow Ven Bodhi’s corrected numbering, but include the older PTS numbering for backwards compatibility. Thus the Sattasuriya Sutta is AN 7.66 in our current numbering.

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I experienced similar issues and raised them here on two occasions . The reply by Ven Sujato now puts them to rest. Better late than never.
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