Sutta study?

I notice there isnt much sutta discussion. Im wondering have you guys thought about "weekly"suttas? I post a sutta and link on another simular site and we discuss it for a week. I think here it would be more applicatiob and study moreso general chat if you’d like me to do something like that. Have reflective questions and talk about how to apply the sutta to daily life off the cushon

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Bhante Sujato used to post very frequently about tricky issues in the interpretation of the suttas, but I think after he finished his translation project that changed.

Aw. I see. I wouldnt be able to have anything too indepth as he, most likely.

@Bhikkhu_Jayasara, Venerable @Santacari and myself hold a weekly sutta discussion online in voice with a group of others. We are working through MN and up to MN55 this week. It’s Sunday nights US time and Monday morning Aussie time. The time isn’t great for Europe though.
Here’s a link to join.


Sounds good. What time would you be doing the sutta discussion?
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Thank you! Im in the US Est. What time on sunday nights?

I was thinking on sundays since Im free weekends. Right now Im playing with some ideas on format without it being to complicated. If we take turns that would give the discussions different levels of thought and understanding. I was thinking of going through In The Buddha’s Words per section and chapter.

It varies over the year due to daylight savings and who’s around but for the next month it’ll be 5.30pm US EST / 9.30am AU EST (monday)/ 10.30PM GMT. If you’ve got discord running around an hour before we’ll put out announcements.


Im downloading the app since I dont have a lap top anymore. Have to get a new one

It works well on phone and doesn’t use too much data

Nice. It loaded. Not bad at all

That would be a great idea!

10.30pm is difficult on a school night. I can contribute afterwards hopefully.

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We are always looking for people to run sessions so if you want to run a session at another time for our European community we’d love that. We have a UK sangha member who might join

I could do Friday 9.30am GMT. How is it normally done?

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why not join us for a session or two and then you can see for yourself how it happens.

I did hear @passanna’s countdown to a Sunday session (MN55?) but had to go to sleep. 10.30 is my cut off on Sunday night, as I can’t be making mistakes when prescribing medication the following day. Please let me know if you are going to have a session in the morning or afternoon.

I found this:
Eastern Standard Time (EST) is 16 hours behind Australian Easter Daylight Time (ASDT).
GMT (UTC) is 11 hours behind ASDT. This means the best time to have a dhamma discussion (voice) is at 5am EST, 10am UTC, 9pm ASDT …to cover everybody. But of course it might be more practical to chunk contents.

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Have you guys thought of doing study discussions on sunday talk here especially for those who cant make the voice discussions?


Much thanks for the thread @unveiledartist, I’d certainly love to see more content like that. :pray:


Yep. I have classes so I’m working on how we can do this without the prep being to much work. Did you guys want a talk summary, post suttra with questins, have ideas?