Sutta that discusses meditation locations for different personality types

In today’s Q&A, Ajahn Sona said that the Buddha discussed optimal places to meditate (e.g., the valley or the mountain) based on personality. Does anyone know which Sutta discusses this? Thank you

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It’s in the Visuddhimagga, not the suttas. Begins Chapter III, verse 97.


The Visuddhimagga says the temperament is based on the four elements. The elements in the personality can be calculated here using Western astrology:

The four foundations of mindfulness are also based on the four elements, earth, water, air, fire, in that order. This was the way the ancients saw the elements arranged: earth below, water lying on it, the atmosphere above it, and the sun above that. The function of the fourth foundation in relation to the other three will not be understood unless it is considered as fire acting productively on water, earth, or air, as in cooking, metalwork, or other crafts, as often referred to by the Buddha.

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