SuttaCentral 2021: bug reports here! 🐛

On the Introduction Page, I think the ‘Content’ links go to unexpected pages which are also behaving somewhat erratically.

On the Introduction page we find these links:

On the Home Page we find these links:

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To refine this, when I click on I am taken to the url and it appears to be a blank page. I’m guessing it should really be going to

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great. Glad that you’re getting that error too Bhante.

Also, when I click on the the I am taken to, which has some cards on it, but then my browsers back button is broken.


These are bad links. They should be


I think Bhante @sujato knows already.


The “Info” for @ayyasoma’s Thig is @Sujato’s info:

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Dear @HongDa -

In the past, when I printed a sutta from SuttaCentral, it just printed the sutta with no UI (the correct behavior). Now, printing a sutta prints the footer as well, which is nearly a whole page of links—quite useless on the printed page! :laughing: Would it be easy for you to remove the page footer from the print version of the page? Thanks!

Yes it would!


I am on an iPad in ios15.2 (in safari)
I browse to Vinaya> Dhammaguptika>monks Pāṭimokkha >English translation. Then I hit back <monks Pāṭimokkha and hit back hoping to get to dhammaguptika but instead get redirected to SuttaCentral seeing a list of sutta in English starting with DN1.

I just installed the PWA so I don’t know if this is part of the problem. I’ve never gone adventuring in other vinayas before.

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Ayya @Pasanna, This seems to be a generic issue, at least on IPads; back button directs to the page you linked. It doesn’t seem specific to any particular portion or a book. I usually don’t use the back button but click on where I need to go back in the top bar, which shows the whole chain of links. Thank you for bringing this up.

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I don’t get that bug with the back button on Chrome, so it may be an iDevice bug. But I still do get a bug, back doesn’t always work. We’ll fix that and hopefully it will fix your problem too.

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I’m also having problems with the pwa.
The ‘static’ content pages load but no suttas. I’ve cleared cache and re installed twice.

Browser: Chrome, 101.0.4951.61
OS: Android, 8.0.0
Device: LG v20

Browsing directly to SuttaCentral shows undefined. See the screnshot:

I believe there is no /search page. Just click the :mag: and type your search in the box

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Search doesn’t seem to be working properly, only dictionary results are found or translated text, the search doesn’t bring up results from the root texts.

  • your browser type and version number:
    Chrome Version 103.0.5060.114 (Official Build) (x86_64)
  • your OS: macOS

Reading a sutta in a different language and then pressing “next” when the next sutta isn’t translated in that language will get the tab stuck in a loop refreshing page multiple times per second.

For example SuttaCentral
^ this button will loop the tab.

We had this recently with the Saarländisch Metta Sutta because of a wrong translator name in the code.

I think what normally should happen if a Sutta has no translation in the chosen language is that the Suttaplex card should be shown. This way the user can find out what translations or parallels for that Sutta are available.

@HongDa ? Bhante @sujato ?

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This still doesn’t seem to work. Now I wanted to look for a B.Bodhi translation but also those were not found. :man_shrugging:

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Well, previously we have 0 result when searching for “dukkha”

Now, we have 1346 results when searching for “dukkha”. Big improvement! :clap:

However, we now only have 1 result when searching for “sukha” :sweat_smile:

Joking just to lighten up the mood, the message is: "Search is broken. Please fix it, thank you :pray:"


Update: Search seems to be working again. We now have 870 results for “sukha”. Yay! :smiley:

and less results for “dukkha” (1199 compared to 1346 as before). Not too sure if it’s a good indication though :sweat_smile:

I checked the commits recently on Github but didn’t find any hint to the root cause of the problem.

Is it because @HongDa re-ran the index to fix the search? Could anyone kindly tell me more clearly how did you fix it? Thank you again for fixing the search. :pray:


Wrong simile link?

On, under Lamp, the link in a dark house Mil 2.1.14 doesn’t seem to work for me.