SuttaCentral Books: international distribution

I’m in Taiwan right now. My journey to Qimei for my translation project has been delayed because of the typhoon last week, but we’re hoping to leave tomorrow (although the two supertyphoons heading this way may have other ideas…).

I’ve taken the chance to speak with Mr Ju at Budaedu, the Taipei-based free distribution publisher. He has very kindly offered to help with printing and distributing books based on the texts on SuttaCentral.

Obviously SC is primarily web-based, but that does not mean we don’t like books. On the contrary, books are ideal for the kind of careful, contemplative reading that makes the Suttas so rewarding. You can get closer to a book than any electronic device. I’d like to produce books that are lasting, inviting, and comfortable to read—volumes to treasure and snuggle up to.

Ultimately we’d like to make this available for all our texts, but we are starting slowly. We are selecting a few volumes in English, then trying some other languages. We’ll share details as they get closer.

Meanwhile, Budaedu has asked for our help for distribution. They send their books all over the world, but it is ideal if they can go somewhere that people will appreciate them and help distribute them further. Deepika is helping put together a list of people and organizations. If you’re interested and would like to help in your area, or if you have any suggestions as to where might be a good place to send them, let us know.


I am willing to distribute Theravada books in Sri Lanka.

I have been distributing books for Forest Dhamma ( In Sri Lanka for a while and have distributed a substantial amount of books. I definitely would like to do the same for BudaEdu (

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Hi Bhante,

I spent the 2011 Vasa at Bodhinyana in 2011 and we have communicated a few time on SuttaCentral about Dhamma.
Well, I live in Taipei. If you need any help, please, don’t hesitate to contact me.
09 76 40 29 16

HI Srinath, Thank you for your support. We’ d love to add you to our distributor list. Could you please send some details such as the centers you are distributing to, no of books you need and so on. If you like you can email to discuss further. Thanks again and keep up the good work!
With metta,

Writing to follow up on this. I am ready to distribute Dhamma material in Sri Lanka.


I am more than eager to do this. Awaiting further responce.

I haven’t been involved in this recently, but I understand that we are still awaiting progress with the publisher. It will take a little time, so if you could just hang on for now, we’ll let you know when things move ahead, hopefully in the near future.

Also is there a possibility to get Piya Tan’s works along publish in the process? I will love to distribute them.

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Best to contact Piya directly. You can email him at

dharmafarer at email service of well known search engine company dot com

I am more than eager to distribute your books. Looking to find out what the status of the printing and shipping.

Still waiting for news, we will let you know, don’t worry!

Great. Really looking forward to this.

Just to follow up on how things are progressing.

Dear Bhante,
I am not sure if you still are looking for distributors. I am in Vancouver, Canada and I can definitely distribute books to places of interest. If you think I can be of help please let me know.

Thanks to both of you. I’ve sent the files for the Sutta Nipata and Theragatha to the publisher, and will update when I have more news.

Wondering if things are ready. I am always ready from my side.

Your pesistence is very inspiring! And wonderful news, we have received the first copies of the printed edition of The Verses of the Senior Monks from Budaedu. I’ve asked @Deepika, our wonderful supporter in Sydney, to compile a list of addresses for the publishers, and yours will surely be on it. Expect news in days, not weeks.

The next printed edition will be the Sutta Nipata, which should not take long.

Looking forward to distributing the books when I get them.

Is it possible to update me on the logistics?

The books are printed in Taipei, by Budaedu. They distribute the books internationally according to demand. If there’s local contact in a country, such as your good self, they ship a box of books to them, however many they want. Then it’s up to the local distributer to distribute them, usually by taking them around to monasteries, etc., or placing them in a Buddhist bookshop, and so on.

You are most welcome to contact Budaedu directly, via the link I gave above. However our international efforts are being coordinated by @Deepika, so it’s good to stay in touch with her.