SuttaCentral: bug reports

I’m saying if you navigate specifically to AN 2.1.

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These suttas basically exist as “vagga suttas”, i.e. the document consists not of one sutta, but of the entire vagga. Segmented translations can be separated and displayed sutta-wise, but legacy translations obviously cannot.

And if the document is titled “1-10” there is no reason for the software not to show it for AN 2.1.

But you are the programmer, not I …

But it’s not. It’s titled 2.5–9

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No. The document is an2.1-10. It’s just the first header that is 2.5-9—and this is shown prominently on the website; not the document title.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset='UTF-8'>
<meta name='author' content='Thanissaro Bhikkhu'>
<section id='an2.1-10' lang='en'>
<li class='division' lang='pli' translate='no'>Aṅguttara Nikāya</li>
<li class='subdivision'>Book of the Twos</li>
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Hi, just wanted to confirm, that SuttaCentral link from the SuttaCentral donation page does redirect me to the search as expected (although the returned results vary)!


The formatting (like <b>) is visible in the dictionary lookup. I think this is only recently the case. @HongDa


Thanks @richard.nagyfi

Recently, Digital Pali dictionary was used to replace the original NPCED dictionary.

Let me check.


Hi @Danny
Can I ask what browser and version you are using?
It looks normal in my local browser.

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I tried a hard refresh and indeed now it works! Sorry for the inconvenience, I will try a hard refresh next time first. :wink:

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