SuttaCentral doesn't recognize my Wireless connection

…as I’m going back and forth successfuly around SuttaCentral.

Am I searching for a person non grata? :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Well, I can tell you that there are no results for “Henepola Gunaratana” on SuttaCentral. (But not because he is persona non grata. He just has never published any translations here. Nor is he mentioned in any essays. Are you sure you wanted to be searching the site and not the forum?)

But the error message is strange. You are on a phone, no?

Have you saved SC for offline use before? It appears you are indeed online (I’m assuming other websites work). But if SC thinks it is offline then it will think it can’t do searching.

It probably has nothing to do with your wifi connection.

Can you try to go to this sutta translation: and see if it takes you to a Turkish translation?

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I wonder if if may be my VPN? I have to turn it off to use the Safeway app. This is a very sophisticated site.

All attemps to search have failed for about a week. BUT I post and surf and make purchases just fine.


BREAKING NEWS, my search for Narada Maha Thera worked. So it wasn’t my VPN. which is on.

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And does your original search still fail in the same way? Giving the no connection error?

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Plenty. I just searched. Banks are especially prone to not like VPN links.