SuttaCentral Donation Credit Card Not Working

I wanted to donate few dollars to Sutta Central, but when I clicked the Donation link and selected one time payment and entered my Visa, Discover, Mastercard and even Visa Debit Card, none of these cards worked. I also tried G Pay using my Linked Paypal account, but all got declined.

I live in New Jersey, United States. Is there a system wide problem with Donation Making? Kindly comment. Thank You.

Update: I had an email waiting in my Inbox from Visa to acknowledge if I recognize this purchase at SuttaCentral. I chose YES. and tried again. FINALLY, it went through. Donation Accepted after it passed the Fraud Detection System of Credit Card Company.


Yeah, apparently some people stealing credit cards were using the SuttaCentral page to test their stolen cards, so the bank AIs are now suspicious of random, small donations to the SuttaCentral website :confused:

Glad you got it sorted and anumodana for your donation :blush:

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Indeed, sorry about the problems.

It seems the issue is solved, but if you have any more issues, please feel free to email Deepika at the address on the donations page.

Yes, we had an epidemic of people making $1 donations from dodgy IPs. We hardened the security parameters and it’s solved the problem now.


Clearly we need large random donations.