SuttaCentral in Firefox: empower the awesome!

I :heart: Firefox, and I use it as my daily browser. But unfortunately it has been a little slow to adopt web components, the cutting-edge tech that underlies the new SC. Not their fault, I hasten to add; it was an initiative of the Chrome team, and FF has been implementing it since it was standardized late last year (unlike the browser of a certain major OS manufacturer).

We can expect full web component support in FF 63 later this year.

Meanwhile, SC works on FF via what is called a “polyfill”, i.e. an extra bunch of code that more-or-less does the same job, just slower and worser. But don’t despair: you can enable web component support in FF if you’re willing to get your hands dirty. Here’s how.

  • Type in about:config into your address bar. It’ll bring up bunches of options.
  • Type “webcomponent”.
  • Double click both dom.webcomponents.enabled and dom.webcomponents.shadowdom.enabled to enable them.
  • Drink mead and frolic!

This should fix a bunch of annoying bugs on in SC and make the whole experience smoother. If it’s still not 100%, well, that’s why it’s not enabled by default just yet.


dom.webcomponents.shadowdom.enabled” doesn’t show-up in this version of FF (48.0.2 - on iMac OS x 10.8.5) – does that make a difference?

It will only be supported in the latest version, which is 61+.