SuttaCentral offline version - English translations not available

Dear Admin,

I recently downloaded the offline-version (7-zip) of SuttaCentral and noticed that none of the Pāli-discourses have a hyperlink to their respective English translations.
However, when I browse through the unzipped folder on the hard-drive, I can see that the English translations are there.

Is there a reason for this?


Thanks for letting us know of this issue. Unfortunately our wonderful developers aren’t working on this offline capacity at the moment, so I’m afraid it is as it is.

For almost all my life as a monk, I’ve lived in places where there was little or no mobile coverage, so I am well aware of this issue. We’re focused on making the site work as well for people in remote regions, with limited data, or in places with poor coverage, as it does for people in big cities. We are building a new version of the site which will work offline as an app. But great things take time. Give us a few months!

I am glad to hear that you are working on an app. This will take care of the problem by itself. Looking forward,

With mettā,


Providing offline suttas was really nice touch. Very thoughtful - thank you guys!