SuttaCentral updates, Oct 2023 edition: instant search and more

I notice that in the quick search, there is no close button at the top of the screen:

To find it you have to scroll all the way to the very bottom:

Seems like it would be better at the top.

Also, I would expect ESC to close it. Seems like for keyboard users that would be a kindness.


I agree with this, @HongDa can you make the instantsearch sheet close with ESC.

The design is modelled after Github, for the most part, which to me is best in class at this.

They have close by click outside or ESC, there’s no close button at all. We’ve added a close button so we’re doing better than them?

I’ve considered having it at the top, it was just a bit messy design wise that’s all. Let’s use it a while and see.

I’m actually seeing a close button at the top where I would expect it. Or are you talking about a different search?

Also, on my device, there is almost no “outside” space to click on.

(that’s the full area of the browser window)

But yes, I’m all for letting things evolve. UI is super difficult!! Just wanted to add some thoughts.

Different topic… comparing the two search interfaces, I notice that SC is using a lot of very light text. I get that this can “clean up” a messy interface, but even as someone with normal vision it feels much to light. GitHub doesn’t seem to make use of lighter text at all.


I think that clears the search rather than closing the window. I also think it’s a browser/OS thing, I don’t see it.

I agree, I’ll have to tweak the contrast, fortunately it’s all controlled by CSS variables so it’s easy to change.

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The same applies for the dark theme, and I wanted to make a similar remark. So thanks for addressing it!

Sure, Bhante,
do you need to support using the tilt key to open the instant search window like GitHub?

Oh, very sorry. You’re right.